My forts about playin


Menny hoomins fink I iz vewy playful but akshully I don spend mutch time playin at all weally. I iz far too bizzy patwollin fer enmys and keepin an eye on fings as well as inwestigatin strange okkurances.

My Mum buyed me a beanbag fer a bed. It is enormouse, I fink she fort I was a baby rotwiler, BOL!
But as well as egsellunt fer sleepin it is vewy gud to play wiv. I pownse on it, dig on it, hide toys under it and find em agen. Best of all is puttin fings on it then flippin it, they duz fly thru the air!
Here you can see a Utube film of me

I also has a wing I iz playin wiv in der foto. I haz had this all my life an iz my favrit toy. It is gud to play tug wiv but also the slidey under the sofa, Mum get it out game wich menny of yoo ovver BTs will also enjoy! I likes soft toys but only to de-skweek n dissemmbowl, stuffin flies evrywears (snigger). I keep a collekshun of toy skins wich kweep out our hoomin wisiters.

Mum also finks I play a game she calls “Trading”. Akshully not a game, is sewius bizness. I discuvverd vewy yung that fings like keys n glass n bockels of bleech have gweat walue fer hoomins and Mum wud giv me a tweat fer them. So I duz spend mutch time kollektin fings to cash in!

I also duz exursize and emurgensy pwaktiss – timin how long to do lap wownd howse wiv and wivout a toy, up and down gardin etc. Mum finks this zoomin is playin agen, hoomins do be vewy stoopid abowt how sewius and bizzy a BT life iz.

A favrit hobby of mine is diggin out de moley hills. I can spend long time doin thiz and gettin muddy face n paws. Na of corse best game is ruff n tumblin wiv ovver furs, espeshly BTs!


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