I am Ted Terrier. and this is my blog. I am a Borderish Terrier, my furmum was half BT and half Lakeland while my furdad was a pedigree BT. The Vet says I have Hybrid vigour which I believe must be a good thing! I have grown much bigger than my BT friends but I look like them and certainly act like them. Just super sized.
My worst fault is I am very greedy and always stealing food.My best thing is I am very friendly with hoomins and other furs. To be honest I would be friendly with the 3rd enemy of the BT, which is the cat but mostly they hate me.
Just recently, this year I have been lucky to be accepted into the BTPosse which is more than 350 BTs who tweet sharing news, fun, advice with each other and looking after each other in terms of crisis. I have also been to a tweet up with more planned, very exciting! You can read my tweets @TedTerrier


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