Update on Mildwed

Here is news about Mildred for everyone from rescue centre!

Friends of the Animals RCT
Update August 14, 12:07 AM (UTC)

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. I am overwhelmed that so many of you read about dear little Mildred and decided to help her have the treatment that she needs. The total raised is £1585 via Paypal and Fundrazr and there have also been some donations dropped off to the shop and some cheques are on route to us as well..This has exceeded the amount we needed to raise of £1500 and any extra will go towards any further treatment Mildred needs following her initial surgery. It is rare for us to ask directly for financial help to treat our Wonky dogs. We usually go out ourselves and raise what ever is needed via car boots, auctions and events but with a number of animals needing expensive surgery at the moment in excess of £8,000 we really felt that we were justified in asking for some support. A very special thank to you all of those who are regular supporters of our work and who have donated and thank you to those new to us who have been as moved by this little dogs plight as we were. I cannot finish without giving an extra special mention to Michael Hervey-Murray and all the Border Terrier posse who have been working like mad today tweeting Midred’s story and helping to get so many donations. You are all total stars and we are more grateful than my words can ever express. What has happened for this little dog in the last few days will never make up for the amount she has suffered but to know that she is surrounded by so much love and good wishes is just fantastic. Better sign off now as my screen has gone all blurry. Eileen Rescue Coordinator


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