Gwate BTPosse pwojek to mayk a Kalendur

Hi pals! Iz me, Ted!

I haz been arsked to explane to all ov yoos abowt an idea a few of uz haz had. We fort it wud be
gwate to pwoduse a kalendur fer negst year, bein twentee forteen, usin pikchurs that owr hoomin
pawparratzi has tekken.

Thiz way we can injoy all der luffly fotos and ways munny fer gud cawses. We waz finkin to sepawate enny munny into sum fer Tewwier weskew and sum fer BT Wellfayr wot are bowf gud cawses wotlok arfta them of uz wot are not as lukky.

So wot we now needs iz all yer fotos to put into der kalendur. This bit is kwite teknickal so I will hav
to arsk Hoomum to wite it so yor hoomins can mayk shur yoo send wite tipe of fotos. But dusn’t bewurryin az most dijitul fotos will be wite sort ov file n wesolooshun.

We is vewy pleezed that owr gud frend Dirty Hippy Dalek haz offa’d to do desine fer this n we wants to inclood as menny BTs az we can so look out all yor favrits to send. Not shur how dey will be dunbut maybe femed awownd times of yeer like Spwing n Kwismuss or aktivitees wot we do, or wurse,haz dun to uz (lyk bafftime fur egsampul).

Ovver to Mum:

The photos should be print-quality, at least 300 dpi, and in either .jpg, .tif, or .psd format. Please email themto (most digital camera, ipad or ipaw photos will be jpg, just email them withthe highest resolution you have) If you are having trouble then DM @TedTerrier and I will help. But I can’t see them as don’t have access to the email. You may prefer to send one photo at a time to be allow the highest file size to go through.


Very sharp, clear images, 300 dpi, not too small because enlarging too much will diminish image quality
Natural colour rather than overly yellow (as with some indoor images) or some other tint
Full body images (preferred)
Full face images
Action images that are not blurred or fuzzy
BTs with toys, other pets, some kind of interesting interaction, zoomies, BT stare, with noms, etc.


Photos taken in sunlight that are drained of colour or too strong a contrast
Image of BT too small, too far away
Photos taken inside or in dark that lack definition or correct colour
Photos that are too small
Photos that are not perfectly sharp and clear

Please include the name of your BT in the filename, and if you send more than one, number them, for example:


As some of you have very popular names then please make sure you id your photos with perhaps a surname – Ted would be Ted Williams for example.

To finsh the project in time we have a strict deadline to stick too so please make sure all photos are sent by 11 August – last day to send them!



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