Trubble wiv hoomins

Lately I haz been havin a lot of trubble wiv my hoomum. Az we all know, they iz vewy unpwediktubble n duz all sorts stwanj fings.

A pertickuler pwoblem wiv hoomum iz losin fings. Fer wich I mostly get der blaym. Ok, I duz mayk kerleckshuns of tweshurs wot I discovers wownd der howse, but if fings waz put away den I wudn’t find em.

Ennyway, these fings is kwikly discuvvered by Mum. But she duz lose fings too, speshly keys wot shud be on hook in hall. Then we haz de wunnin wownd like hedless chikin n moanin where is de keys, ovver n ovver. OMD, I hates dis gaym! Most times keys is in frunt dor ennyway.

This is how it mayks me be feelin:


Larst week hoomum did wurst losin evver in my whole lyf! I waz playin after supper vewy happly wen did heer earsplitterin cwy ‘where iz my passinport?’ Then whole howse was wansacked lookin fer dis fing wot to be twuful I still duz not know wot it iz bein.

But az I iz helpful fur n luvs my mum I fort was my dooty to help wiv der lookerin. I waz lookin evrywhere and kept findin fungs I fort mite be wot it waz but there waz not enny gwattytood.
We had vewy littel sleepin that nite I am tellin yoo.

Sins then she haz still been lookin but mor calmly az manidjed to get sum appoyntmunt to get new wun of dese fings, hopeful it iz here before de twip to Houston-we-have-liftoff at end of munf!
We now haz vewy tidy dwawers n cubbards in howse, plus fownd ovver fings but de passinport wemains lost and is wun of missteries of hoomin wurld, must be livin wiv de odd sockers I iz finkin.

Dat is all abowt dis I hopes!


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