My birfday treat

Mum awwanjed a pawsome birfday tweat fer me today – a walk at Cholesbury Common wiv some of my frends frum BT Posse. Mume did not wemeber to tayk fotos wile we waz walkin tho, I dus not know wot to do wiv her sumwtimes. Teddy n his olds plus Freddie n his Dad came. Sadly due to a byke cwash yesterdy, Scrappy cud not come az his Pa waz havin opawayshun to mend his mangulled hand n I iz sendin him healin forts.

We walked acwoss the coomon n frew a churchyard where we saw a gwavestone to a fur frum long ago ‘faithful old Gyp’ by the church gates. Den frew a feeld and part of de old villaj to annuver common where der waz an eldurly BT having a snooter. Den down fru der woods n back to the start but gettin to walk wound part wamparts of an ancient hill fort frum sumfing like the 6th century!

Az iwaz so hot Mum had brung wet towels fer after de walk:



This pub has lovely big garden and iz vewy fur frendly! We had gwate big table fer the hoomins n they seemd to enjoy their noms! Then sum men in stwaw hats came n set up music – they waz appawently a jazz band so we did sum lissening n Teddy n Freddie did sum dancing.


We also intwoduced usselfs to new pub dog wot is baby Rottwhyla called Barney (tho dat is akshully an offishul BT naym weely) we did mayk shur he knew we iz just teeny part of BT Posse wisitin!


I waz also vewy spoilt wiv mor presunts, a lubbly tuugy ball toy frum Teddy, sum Lily Kitchin Brekfust cwunch frum Freddie n Scrappy sent amazin pawcel tied wiv pawpwint wibbun wiv noms n a speshul ball wot givs yoo noms. I iz kwite ovver welmed!

So waz gwate day owt despite de heet of da sun, but uz suvvern BTs can cope wiv dat! We iz weely hopin to go agen dis summer wiv Scrappy n maybe ovver furs if intwested?

Ps Mum ses she will send walk infermashun to ennywun if intwested, there is leeflet wiv all histowical stuff n pub is called Full Moon.

PPs here is linky to video of jazzpaw dancin to musik!


One thought on “My birfday treat

  1. Appy burfdee my pal…is good to see yoo enjoyin yore self….i am goin on my olidays now but I do keep wotch on da posse at all times…

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