Now I iz 8!

I haz been vewy dewelick in my dooties bowt witin bloggy in wecent munfs. There haz been so many amazin fings goin on and Mum haz bin havin diffykult fings to manidge at wurk.

But today pals I iz 8! So this bein most impawtunt day of the year I fort only wite I shud put paw to payper agen. I haz been deturmined this will be a vewy gud burfday indeed and was pleezed to see pwesents pilin up ovver der weekend.

I woke Mum up at 4am az I knew she wud want to sing Happy Burfday as urly as pawsibul. Er, I waz maybe slitely wrong abowt dat. Ennyway, went owtside n saw naybors cat in the gardin so showted at him abowt my burfday but he didn’t sing to me eivver.Pfft!

So wen we got up pwoperly I fownd I had lots of pwesents fer after brekfust. And a pawcel all der way frum Devun frum Rufus da Bond wiv a card! Oh my dog!


Mum had got me a kwilt wiv my naym on wot Archie’s Mum duz mayk and I have been vewy jellus of ovver furs what haz them. Even de horse had bort me a pwesunt – a babble ball! Amazin, did not know he had such gud tayst fer getting gifts! I got noms frum Borris Boxer too.

Mum n I went to dubble chek our speshul walk fer 7th Jooly. We had lubly time and fer furst time in my life I decided I wud twy wolling in sumfing pongy! There was lots to snooter and I fink my pals, Scrappy, Teddy n Freddie will enjoy it.


We also fort we shud chek owt de pub for lunchin. It is gwate, dey is savin uz a tabul fer sunday n if it is wainin we can be inside! Mum sed the fud was vewy nice n home made, I loved the chips I got!

Now I iz home and just had a baff! I dussnt mind this at all but iz only fourf or fiff baff what I haz had in my lyf if you dussnt cownt the wet wipe fings Mum uses wen she can catch me. I don’t fink I can be normul cos I dusn’t weely lyk smellin bad. And postyman brung me anovver pwesent, a most pawsome ducky frum Kipster! Wowzers!

I iz goin to hav a west now cos I haz a twitter pawty at 8pm to pwepare fer and a speshul chikin dinner to nom furst. I iz likin bein 8, I fink I might have anovver 8th burfday negst yeer!


4 thoughts on “Now I iz 8!

  1. Happy Birfday Ted!!! And thanks for a great bloggy 🙂 my mum been very slack on doing my typin lately! Have a lovely evening and make sure you get extra of those yummy b day noms :—)

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