Gwate BTPosse pwojek to mayk a Kalendur

Hi pals! Iz me, Ted!

I haz been arsked to explane to all ov yoos abowt an idea a few of uz haz had. We fort it wud be
gwate to pwoduse a kalendur fer negst year, bein twentee forteen, usin pikchurs that owr hoomin
pawparratzi has tekken.

Thiz way we can injoy all der luffly fotos and ways munny fer gud cawses. We waz finkin to sepawate enny munny into sum fer Tewwier weskew and sum fer BT Wellfayr wot are bowf gud cawses wotlok arfta them of uz wot are not as lukky.

So wot we now needs iz all yer fotos to put into der kalendur. This bit is kwite teknickal so I will hav
to arsk Hoomum to wite it so yor hoomins can mayk shur yoo send wite tipe of fotos. But dusn’t bewurryin az most dijitul fotos will be wite sort ov file n wesolooshun.

We is vewy pleezed that owr gud frend Dirty Hippy Dalek haz offa’d to do desine fer this n we wants to inclood as menny BTs az we can so look out all yor favrits to send. Not shur how dey will be dunbut maybe femed awownd times of yeer like Spwing n Kwismuss or aktivitees wot we do, or wurse,haz dun to uz (lyk bafftime fur egsampul).

Ovver to Mum:

The photos should be print-quality, at least 300 dpi, and in either .jpg, .tif, or .psd format. Please email themto (most digital camera, ipad or ipaw photos will be jpg, just email them withthe highest resolution you have) If you are having trouble then DM @TedTerrier and I will help. But I can’t see them as don’t have access to the email. You may prefer to send one photo at a time to be allow the highest file size to go through.


Very sharp, clear images, 300 dpi, not too small because enlarging too much will diminish image quality
Natural colour rather than overly yellow (as with some indoor images) or some other tint
Full body images (preferred)
Full face images
Action images that are not blurred or fuzzy
BTs with toys, other pets, some kind of interesting interaction, zoomies, BT stare, with noms, etc.


Photos taken in sunlight that are drained of colour or too strong a contrast
Image of BT too small, too far away
Photos taken inside or in dark that lack definition or correct colour
Photos that are too small
Photos that are not perfectly sharp and clear

Please include the name of your BT in the filename, and if you send more than one, number them, for example:


As some of you have very popular names then please make sure you id your photos with perhaps a surname – Ted would be Ted Williams for example.

To finsh the project in time we have a strict deadline to stick too so please make sure all photos are sent by 11 August – last day to send them!



Trubble wiv hoomins

Lately I haz been havin a lot of trubble wiv my hoomum. Az we all know, they iz vewy unpwediktubble n duz all sorts stwanj fings.

A pertickuler pwoblem wiv hoomum iz losin fings. Fer wich I mostly get der blaym. Ok, I duz mayk kerleckshuns of tweshurs wot I discovers wownd der howse, but if fings waz put away den I wudn’t find em.

Ennyway, these fings is kwikly discuvvered by Mum. But she duz lose fings too, speshly keys wot shud be on hook in hall. Then we haz de wunnin wownd like hedless chikin n moanin where is de keys, ovver n ovver. OMD, I hates dis gaym! Most times keys is in frunt dor ennyway.

This is how it mayks me be feelin:


Larst week hoomum did wurst losin evver in my whole lyf! I waz playin after supper vewy happly wen did heer earsplitterin cwy ‘where iz my passinport?’ Then whole howse was wansacked lookin fer dis fing wot to be twuful I still duz not know wot it iz bein.

But az I iz helpful fur n luvs my mum I fort was my dooty to help wiv der lookerin. I waz lookin evrywhere and kept findin fungs I fort mite be wot it waz but there waz not enny gwattytood.
We had vewy littel sleepin that nite I am tellin yoo.

Sins then she haz still been lookin but mor calmly az manidjed to get sum appoyntmunt to get new wun of dese fings, hopeful it iz here before de twip to Houston-we-have-liftoff at end of munf!
We now haz vewy tidy dwawers n cubbards in howse, plus fownd ovver fings but de passinport wemains lost and is wun of missteries of hoomin wurld, must be livin wiv de odd sockers I iz finkin.

Dat is all abowt dis I hopes!

My birfday treat

Mum awwanjed a pawsome birfday tweat fer me today – a walk at Cholesbury Common wiv some of my frends frum BT Posse. Mume did not wemeber to tayk fotos wile we waz walkin tho, I dus not know wot to do wiv her sumwtimes. Teddy n his olds plus Freddie n his Dad came. Sadly due to a byke cwash yesterdy, Scrappy cud not come az his Pa waz havin opawayshun to mend his mangulled hand n I iz sendin him healin forts.

We walked acwoss the coomon n frew a churchyard where we saw a gwavestone to a fur frum long ago ‘faithful old Gyp’ by the church gates. Den frew a feeld and part of de old villaj to annuver common where der waz an eldurly BT having a snooter. Den down fru der woods n back to the start but gettin to walk wound part wamparts of an ancient hill fort frum sumfing like the 6th century!

Az iwaz so hot Mum had brung wet towels fer after de walk:



This pub has lovely big garden and iz vewy fur frendly! We had gwate big table fer the hoomins n they seemd to enjoy their noms! Then sum men in stwaw hats came n set up music – they waz appawently a jazz band so we did sum lissening n Teddy n Freddie did sum dancing.


We also intwoduced usselfs to new pub dog wot is baby Rottwhyla called Barney (tho dat is akshully an offishul BT naym weely) we did mayk shur he knew we iz just teeny part of BT Posse wisitin!


I waz also vewy spoilt wiv mor presunts, a lubbly tuugy ball toy frum Teddy, sum Lily Kitchin Brekfust cwunch frum Freddie n Scrappy sent amazin pawcel tied wiv pawpwint wibbun wiv noms n a speshul ball wot givs yoo noms. I iz kwite ovver welmed!

So waz gwate day owt despite de heet of da sun, but uz suvvern BTs can cope wiv dat! We iz weely hopin to go agen dis summer wiv Scrappy n maybe ovver furs if intwested?

Ps Mum ses she will send walk infermashun to ennywun if intwested, there is leeflet wiv all histowical stuff n pub is called Full Moon.

PPs here is linky to video of jazzpaw dancin to musik!

Now I iz 8!

I haz been vewy dewelick in my dooties bowt witin bloggy in wecent munfs. There haz been so many amazin fings goin on and Mum haz bin havin diffykult fings to manidge at wurk.

But today pals I iz 8! So this bein most impawtunt day of the year I fort only wite I shud put paw to payper agen. I haz been deturmined this will be a vewy gud burfday indeed and was pleezed to see pwesents pilin up ovver der weekend.

I woke Mum up at 4am az I knew she wud want to sing Happy Burfday as urly as pawsibul. Er, I waz maybe slitely wrong abowt dat. Ennyway, went owtside n saw naybors cat in the gardin so showted at him abowt my burfday but he didn’t sing to me eivver.Pfft!

So wen we got up pwoperly I fownd I had lots of pwesents fer after brekfust. And a pawcel all der way frum Devun frum Rufus da Bond wiv a card! Oh my dog!


Mum had got me a kwilt wiv my naym on wot Archie’s Mum duz mayk and I have been vewy jellus of ovver furs what haz them. Even de horse had bort me a pwesunt – a babble ball! Amazin, did not know he had such gud tayst fer getting gifts! I got noms frum Borris Boxer too.

Mum n I went to dubble chek our speshul walk fer 7th Jooly. We had lubly time and fer furst time in my life I decided I wud twy wolling in sumfing pongy! There was lots to snooter and I fink my pals, Scrappy, Teddy n Freddie will enjoy it.


We also fort we shud chek owt de pub for lunchin. It is gwate, dey is savin uz a tabul fer sunday n if it is wainin we can be inside! Mum sed the fud was vewy nice n home made, I loved the chips I got!

Now I iz home and just had a baff! I dussnt mind this at all but iz only fourf or fiff baff what I haz had in my lyf if you dussnt cownt the wet wipe fings Mum uses wen she can catch me. I don’t fink I can be normul cos I dusn’t weely lyk smellin bad. And postyman brung me anovver pwesent, a most pawsome ducky frum Kipster! Wowzers!

I iz goin to hav a west now cos I haz a twitter pawty at 8pm to pwepare fer and a speshul chikin dinner to nom furst. I iz likin bein 8, I fink I might have anovver 8th burfday negst yeer!