A perkewleear Sittinsatday

It haz been ravver a perkewleear day tooday. Waz kwite ordinry wen I woke up, I went in gardin for mornin toilet duties n had my brekfust as ushul. Then I cweepd bak to big bed fer some deep finkin time:

Mum waz callin me but I didn’t come down til nine of clock as so much finkin to do. I had my long walk at lunchin time, it waz sunny wen we did leave but wile we waz owt it rained, it hailed n it snowed as well as vewy windy. I was soakered compleetly n fweezin cold. Then did sum sulkin wen I saw my fwends Poppy, Joules, Moley n Rohan were at the game fair near Knawidge. I saw the tweets they waz sendin n it waz sunny n they waz havin sum yummy noms! Lukky pals, I iz glad they did hav such gud time.
Waz time to go to stabuls n I did do a vewy amazin fing wot I haz nevver dun befaw. I was havin kwiet snooter in orse fud room n fownd little mowse under a sak. I fink he was serpwized too n he was wude so I put der bitey on him. Didn’t reely meen to be murderin him but all der hoomins was tellin me I was clevver so I was vewy pwowd! My negst job was to stop de fesants fiting in the feeld so I chased them away.
Then we went fer last walk and it was at leest sunny. We went to common and I nearly cort a skwizzel! Here I iz givin him der stare:

And we went to see Mrs Pig n her piggerlets. I likes them vewy muchly but I iz not allowd to play wiv dem. Mum always callin them bacon sarnies but this not makin much sens to me.

As we carried on owr walk I chased a wabbit under some gorse bushes n wud not come when I waz called. This made Mum kwite cwoss but I was wonderin wot wud happen if I put the bitey on a wabbit. Suddenly I weelised Mum waz neerly bak to the car so I had to wun farst acwoss the common to catcher up, only to come acwoss a moley hill wich I had to digger in of corse!

So it waz a vewy bizzy day espeshuly fer a satsittinday wiv vewy stwanj wevver but a pwowd moment doin mowse murderin.


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