BT3003 – a day in Tewwier histowy

Today I haz been part of a legendurry day in the histowy of Tewwierkind. BT3003, a confrunse fer BTs of all ages to come togevver and share forts. The confrunse was held at Scrappy Nelson’s howse in Bedfudshur and did bwing 17 of der BT Posse togevver.

Here are me n Cornish Barney, elders of BT wurld considewin wot waz occurrin. The more joonyer dellygats such as Scruff, Stanley, Scrappy and Barney Coleman did some energetic rushin abowt until Scruff and Barney C was distwacted by appeerunse of pwetty gurls, espeshly Miss Winnie who was feelin flirtyageus unlike her sisfur Miss Rosie who was more modest.
It was also a pwivilige to meet Gimli, who iz vewy digginified and spent the day in deep fort and some chewin of chew.
There were 2 novice BTs there as twainees, Freddie and TeddyBear who bowf did behave vewy well alfow Freddie did allow his consentwation to dwift frum my sossige twackin seminar wen he did spy Miss Winnie.
Molly and Jack were able to bweak there long jurney howm frum holibobs to attend and Bazil and Molly came all the ways frum Cornwall – Bazil did showt kwite a lot abowt that, I fink he wuz vewy egsited to be at the confrunse.
Isaac waz there wepewsenting Ted the eldest who cud not mayke such ardewus twavel all the way frum the Norf West near gud beaches.
Impawtuntly Rohan waz there to deliver the key pawspeeching to fank Scrappy n his hoomins fer hosting confrunse and to annownse BT Posse now has badges fer members.

To apply fer a badge yoo must we wules and applycashun pwoseedur on
Confrunse closed wiv appawse frum dellygats.



Today I am egsited

20130329-214459.jpgI am supposed to be havin an urly nite as it is a big day tomowwow! There is a big pawty, or tweet-up, of menny of the furpals from the BT Posse. This is bein hoastid by Scrappy Nelson and his hoomins. I have only been a member of the BT Posse for a few munfs n hav only been to one tweet-up befor, but that was egsellent fun.

The last tweet up in Sowfwolled was oarganeyesed Hetty Bear n her Mum n Dad. Ovver BTs there were Rohan and Poppy and Joules plus Moley who is Hetty’s sisfur and an honowawy BT. We walked on the beach and along the frunt then had yummy noms wot Hetty’s mum had cookered. My mum has never cookered anyfing speshly fur me, I wuz vewy impwessd. But she duz feed me well, of small pawshuns tho, so I carnt weally complane!

The wevver is absolootly fweezin still so tomowwow we will need to mak shur the hoomins are in fermals and woolly cloves. We will be fine as we duz hav fer n will be zoomin n paw punchin which shud keep us toasty warm. Mum finks it is splendid of Scrappy’s peeps to hold this pawty espeshly as dey had de wirus buggers n bad bak pwoblems wesently.

I also fink there may be sossiges ther. This is also egsiting as I weally, weally lovs sossiges. I hav bin to kwite a few barbeeqs in my time n I have dewelopped a number of tekneeks to mak shur I gets plenty of sossiges so I will be plannin a stwategee fer tomowwow wiv grate care. Most impawtunt is to mak shur you know where to wun to wunce you haz gwabbed yor sossiges so yoo can gobble dem down befaw the hoomins can get there! That fwends, is de secwet of my sossige sukces! Gud nite!


When I was small



Here I iz wen only 7 weeks old and just awwived home wiv Mum. I wuz allowd to sleep on bed by big bed upstairs n I cud wakey Mum up in nite by flappin my ears. This wuz furst fing I twained her to do n still werks! She finks it is why I was howse twained so kwikly, just 10 days. But akshully my Uncle Blue tort me abowt howse twainin n always took me outside wiv him n showed me wot to do.

Nowadays I luvs fud but wen I was small wuz always too bizzy playin to want to stop to eat. Mum had to inwent speshul diet of fings I loved and make game of it. Vewy hard to imagin now as I will eat nearly anyfing but marmite – that is foul fud from devil. I speshly like fud wot starts wiv C, cheez, cweam, chikin, cayke and I always twying to steal choklat even tho it is bad fer me. I duz like carrots too but mostly cos they is the horse’s fav n I want to stop him frum gettin them, hehehe!

Becos I waz vewy bold n boystrus Mum decided wiv Vet that I shud have nonuts opawayshun wen I waz only 6 munfs old. I bouncied in and came home feelin bit sowwy fer myself. But next day back to normal, Mum had weal job to stop me jumpin awownd. I did cawse sum wurry as I got haematoma (fanks fer spellin Mum) in my gwoin but Vet sed waz OK n wud weabsowb. My appytite deweloped abowt then, Mum finks there mite be a connexshun. But I still likes gurls n at stables I hav two fwends Lily who is Patterdale tewwier n Toffee who is JRT ( not shur Toffee is vewy keen on me akshully). N I now hav lots BT Posse gurls who are fwends like Hetty n Poppy n Kipster n Cal fer exarmpul. Next time I will wite my forts about playin I fink!

Life & Times of Ted Terrier



I haz decided to start a blog. Seems like a fing a terrierist of any worf shud do. So I iz.
I iz the furd in line of BTs my hoomum haz shard her life wiv. But I iz furst boy and furst she haz had from puppee. So I iz speshul.
Mum fownd me in an advert in Horse n Hownd. I waz born in Chesham wot is also in Buckinhamshire on 1 July 2005 n Mum came to visit when I was only 3 weeks old. I had 2 brofurs and 3 sisfurs. My furmum was called Treacle so Mum decided I shud also hav a nam wot starts wiva T. She chows Ted – she is not vewy owiginull. I cam to liv wiv Hoomum wen I waz 7 weeks old. By then it was cleer I was boldest n biggest of my litter. Fer furst 18 munfs I lived in anovver howse then we mooved here 6 yeers ago. I like this howse. It is gud fer zoomin and fer escapin frum Mum wen I needs to as the downstairs can be a complete sirkit. I akshully haz Mum runnin wownd in sirkles!! BOL!